Wednesday, 1 December 2010

3rd Prisoner Released in Error.

So a third prisoner has been wrongfully released. Lord Morrow has called for David Ford to consider his position. If I were David Ford, I would tell Lord Morrow to catch himself on. I'm not an expert on the prison service and it's inner workings, nor do I know the full extent of any problems it may currently suffer. However, I do know that to enact significant reforms and bring about a sea change in thinking in an institution like that is not something that can be done in a matter of months.

Errors will occur. Some are more significant than others and obviously, letting prisoners out when they're supposed to remain in custody is one of the more serious ones. However, it is blindingly obvious this is a procedural error and as such, a review of the procedure needs to happen to ensure the required changes are made that will no doubt include certain fail safes. What will likely happen is that when reviewing that procedure other problems come to light and need to be addressed. The whole review starts to snowball until you have a fairly large task of reform ahead of you. While this review takes place, the service still has to operate and they will operate as they always have.

David Ford does need to get on top of the situation and he needs to do it fast, but for Lord Morrow to all but call for his resignation is simply ridiculous. Were David Ford to do such a thing, the necessary reforms would take even longer.

This is blatant political point scoring.

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