Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Christian B&B Owners & Gay Guests

Forgive me for linking The Daily Mail but I wanted to comment on this story about a Christian couple, who as hotel owners are facing legal action for refusing to allow a gay couple to guest at their hotel. It seems the basis of their defence is that the Hotel is also their home and as such they should be allowed to refuse entry to any guests on any grounds. 

I have thought about how best I could frame my own views on their position and in the end could only come up with - what a load of shit.

Firstly, lets take the Christian aspect out of the equation. It is entirely irrelevant. Whilst Christians deserve protection in the law for their beliefs, it doesn't mean they can break the law. In this case their definition is not that of Christians, but of business owners. 

Secondly, the issue of whether they can allow who they want in their home is also irrelevant because in this case it is a question of their business and not their home. They advertise their home as business premises and the gay couple sought to do business there.

So, once you remove those 2 things from the equation what you are left with is a business that refused to trade with 2 people based on their sexuality. Those that try and argue otherwise are just trying to find a nicer and more palatable way of saying that they don't like gay people.

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