Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Councillors Cancelling Public Meetings.

I went to attend a public meeting in Bangor tonight. It was called by Andrew Muir, the Alliance Councillor in Holywood. Unfortunately, the meeting had to be cancelled because the car park was covered in snow. There must have been a good 1cm of the white stuff.

Now, what annoys me is that a lady from the council told me Cllr Muir had cancelled the meeting 3 hours beforehand. I checked his Facebook page, Twitter Timeline and on his blog and there was no mention of him cancelling the meeting. I can understand that it's not practical or possible to get the message out to everyone but for someone who clearly understands the benefits of such social network tools, it's a pretty poor show to make no effort whatsoever to prevent people venturing out unnecessarily.

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  1. I should say on here that Cllr Muir has responded to an email I sent about this. It is fair to say he did make efforts to inform as many people as he could but was let down by a failure of technology.