Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Women, Assange and the damage done.

When the dust eventually settles on the Wikileaks affair and an assessment of just what actual damage the release of confidential cables inflicted, I feel it will likely conclude that in the end, the damage was minimal and mostly there was just an abundance of embarrassment. Unfortunately, right now Assange is, for me, doing far more damage to the fight against sexual abuse than he ever could against the suppression of truth.

Assange and his supporters have really gone all out to discredit his accusers, trivialising the charges, claiming political motivation and belittling the character of the women involved. All of this has been allowed to take place almost unchecked within the mainstream media.

I don't know if Assange is guilty but neither do his supporters. I'm not suggesting they abandon him or even that they're wrong about the whole thing being a little too suspicious. Until they know cold hard facts though, they should refrain from speculation and stop smearing his accusers immediately.

Just about anyone involved with the fight against sex crimes knows that getting victims to testify is the biggest challenge. Now, thanks to the actions of Assange & Co over the last few days, women worldwide will know what awaits them should they ever be unfortunate enough to be attacked by someone with money, power and influence.

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