Thursday, 20 January 2011

Being a Christian does not give you the right to discriminate.

The couple who have just been fined for turning away a Gay couple from their hotel tried to use their faith as a defence for their actions. Fortunately, they lost and were quite rightly punished for their act of discrimination.

The case was a simple one to win as far as I can see. They claimed that as the hotel was also their home they had the right to refuse entry. Unfortunately you can't solicit for business and then discriminate based on sexuality. Whether their business premises doubled as their home was irrelevant. After that, all they were left to fight with was that it clashed with their beliefs. Not surprisingly, the law said that, in business at least, your beliefs are not an excuse for discrimination.

I've never been able to reconcile myself with Christians claiming that their dislike of homosexuality is based on their faith. Christianity has evolved. As a religion it has adapted to cultural changes more so than most other religions. In general, things that the Bible once prohibited but that  in a modern world are considered not just acceptable but normal, have been largely accepted as irrelevant by modern Christians. Except for homosexuality. Why has this particular 'sin' been preserved where others haven't?

Perhaps a committed Christian can explain it to me. Every one I have met so far has eventually settled on the 'unnatural' aspect of homosexuality as a defence of their views, as if cars, the internet and 3D Televisions were all part of God's great 'natural' plan.

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