Thursday, 27 January 2011

Bigotry alive and well in some.

When Stephen Nolan introduced a caller onto the air this morning, he must have been punching the air with delight a couple of minutes later. He had managed to find a pure, unadulterated Irish Republican who was not prepared to cede any ground in her war against the British. Death and destruction were acceptable in the struggle to overthrow the British and have them banished from the North. Kids may die, but sure, she had suffered loss too, so why shouldn't others? Those who assisted the PSNI in any way were either turncoat Irish people (Judas, in her words) or Brits themselves. This was her land and the land of the Irish and those who didn't agree could go home.

Of course, they can't really GO home because they ARE home. This is their home as much as it is hers. With her complete and utter failure to comprehend that fact, for it is indeed fact, she encapsulates just why her kind of thinking is always doomed to failure. You can, if determined enough, repel invaders, no matter how big or well resourced. What you can't do is convince half of the population to leave their home no matter what tactics are employed.

The only good point to take from the caller this morning was that she sounded elderly so one can only hope that her views are not long for this world.

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