Thursday, 13 January 2011

Hypocrisy of the TUV

On the TUV Website, Jim Allister has commented on the plans by Social Development Minister Alex Atwood to relax restrictions on Sunday trading and allow shops to open for longer hours.

Jim is upset at such plans. Why? Because Jim is a Christian and thinks Sunday is a holy day and should be reserved as such. Jim thinks the public should spend the morning in Church and the afternoon with family. What's more, Jim wants the state to do it's best to make sure this happens.

This is nothing short of the most blinding hypocrisy from the leader of a party who believe that wherever possible the state should stay out of our lives. It seems though that this philosophy only applies to the things the TUV want it to. Ideally we should all be good Christians and live our lives the way Jim and his members do.

What's more, for someone who is keen to bang on about driving our economy forward through private enterprise, does he not think it a little bit short sighted to restrict private enterprise from trading and denying further employment to people who desperately need it?

This is just another issue which shows up the TUV for what they believe they are; morally superior and confident that they know better than you.

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