Monday, 10 January 2011

A new leader for the Green Party in NI.

Or, to be accurate, a first leader of the Green Party in NI. Congratulations to Steven Agnew on his selection, though I would have been surprised if it was anyone else, considering his profile and base.

Steven now has a challenge to ensure he can keep Brian Wilson's seat in the Assembly. It will be a battle for him, especially considering that Brian Wilson's wife, Anne, will be running against him on an Alliance ticket! North Down loves this sort of thing. I wish Steven well, from what I have seen of him, he is a capable politician with a genuine passion for the objectives of his party.

It is these objectives though which will eventually limit his political career. The Green Party are a nice party but they will never be anything more than a protest vote to the vast majority of the electorate. Brian Wilson was elected largely on a personal vote as opposed to a ringing endorsement of Green politics in North Down. So, it is to his credit that Steven Agnew fights that particular battle instead of transferring his ambitions to another party that could better reward him with political office.

I wish him all the luck for the forthcoming Assembly election, though maybe not the Local Elections!

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