Thursday, 6 January 2011

Time for Alex Atwood to step up.

As Sinn Fein have been only to keen to point out, the Water Crisis has had significant coverage in the press whilst another crisis which started before the water shortages and is still continuing seems to have been largely ignored.

Since before Christmas thousands of Housing Association tenants were left without heat when water pipes froze and then cracked. The Housing Executive have been unable to cope with the huge demand for repairs and many people have been left without heat and water for days on end. Now, the fact is that in terms of news value, this issue was not as big as the Water Crisis, but that doesn't mean it is no less of an embarrassment for our devolved administration. Alex Atwood has been conspicuous by his absence.

The Water Crisis is over. Yes, there does need to be a through review of what happened and measures put in place to prevent it happening again, but the focus must now shift to the people who are still without heating and the Minister that, on the surface, appears to be paying the subject little attention.

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