Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Sinn Fein: The masters of 'On Message'

In all his years at No 10 and despite all the effort and bullying that he put in, Alastair Campbell never completely managed to get all of Labour singing from the same hymn sheet. Sinn Fein, however, seem to have perfected it. What's more, they've added a fanatical edge to their propaganda; they're not just right, they SO right that everyone else is against them.

The leaders debate for the Election in the south was held last night and if you only listened to Sinn Fein's take on events, Gerry Adams absolutely destroyed his opponents and he did so in a truly statesman like way for he is the greatest leader Ireland and possibly the whole world has ever seen.

Now, I will declare now that I haven't seen the debates yet so I can't comment on his performance from my own point of view. What I do know however, is that it is unlikely to meet the level described by Adams party members and reps. In fact, I would say most people know that and so ignore the propaganda. This is where it gets dangerous for Sinn Fein. Elected reps have a duty to inform the public. If the public are subjected to blatant propaganda then it starts to become harder to ascertain what is fact and what is spin. When this happens, as Alastair Campbell well knows, the public start erring on the side of caution and turn to other sources when they want facts and the unvarnished truth.

Sinn Fein have every right to put across their opinion, but they should be careful that they don't try to play opinion as fact. They may not lose any of their vote, but if they want to govern in Ireland, they will need to gain votes. This isn't a great tactic to employ in that battle.

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