Saturday, 14 May 2011

Election Posters: Time for agreement.

Halfway through the election I travelled to Scotland and Northern England, by car, and on the whole journey along hundreds of miles of roads and through Glasgow City Centre, I saw a grand total of 3 election posters. A stark contrast to here where, leaning out of my window, I could see more than a dozen within a  20 metre stretch.

I'm not saying that means the Scots have it right and we have it wrong but that we should maybe look to achieve a happy medium. 

I think it's time that the Assembly look to agree some rules on Election posters, in particular, where they can be sited, how many you can have, the size of them etc. I am aware there are already some very loose rules on the locations but it's clear they're not very effective. One thing that I would like to see explored is identifiable cable ties so that we're not left with lampposts decorated with them for months afterward. Apart from being ugly, they also present a risk when left at eye level. For someone as tall as me, it's a personal bug bear! 

I'm not hopeful that anything will change though because parties are still utterly convinced that posters make big difference to the polls and as someone who didn't have any posters through the election and suffered a battering in the polls I'm inclined to agree!

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