Saturday, 11 June 2011

Reparative Therapy - nothing more than a desire to rid world of Gay people

Next Tuesday there is an event taking place in Belfast to discuss, in a manner of words, the best way to 'cure' Gay people of their 'illness'. In our present day society, I can think of little more offensive and abhorrent than such a thing. Fortunately, a protest has been organised to register the disgust of people of a similar mind to me. Unfortunately, it will probably lack the numbers required to make the organisers think twice about what they are doing.

Those unaware of exactly what Reparative Therapy is should take the time to read Patrick Strudwick's excellent work in uncovering what happens when a vulnerable gay man encounters a therapist who tries to 'pray away the Gay'. Perhaps the most awful thing the Therapist in the article does is to try and convince her 'patient' that he must have suffered abuse as a child. All of this is done with the express aim of trying to make a gay man, straight and it's all done under the auspices of Christian kindness.

One of the stated aims of the group is to provide parents with the tools to help their children avoid homosexuality. Just think about what that means: they don't want any more children to grow up gay. They want, effectively, to rid the world of gay people. They may be going about it in a slighter softer way than others have tried before (I'm trying my best to avoid Godwin's Law) but the objective is the same.

How, given the above, is a group like this allowed to continue to spread their word relatively unchallenged, save for a few low profile (but important) protests and people like Strudwick doing their best to expose the problem? As noble as the effort has been so far, it needs heavyweight support and that must come from our political leaders. So far, they have been allowed to avoid the issue but this cannot go on. They need to be forced to take a position.

If you are interested in finding out more about the protest, there is a Facebook page with all the details.


  1. These sort of ill informed and myopic viewing people make me recoil in horror. I am not homosexual but I have listened to the unreasoned remarks of the ill informed. People do not choose to be homosexual, many end up with mental health issues trying to conform to a society that views everything in black and white. Who would honestly choose to expose themselves to gay bashing, to be excluded from elements of society, to be told that they are unloved by God and are doomed to the fires of hell? Well my God is a loving God. Just as much as the chest bashing hetrosexual male is attracted to the opposite sex and feels repugnant at the thought of being attracted to someone of the same sex ... well to homosexuals it is the exact same thing in reverse. You don't have to be homosexual to understand, you don't even have to agree with it. Some people are too lofty in their opinions of themselves to judge others. Put the gavel down and go and learn some compassion and understanding.

  2. Excellent post the LGBT community in Northern Ireland need our straight friends and leader to stand up and be heard in such a way.

    So thank you.

  3. That should be leaders (sticky key issue)

  4. Stephen, thanks for that. I agree that what is required is this to be not an exclusively 'gay' issue but one that everyone can be concerned about.

    I assure you, there will be few straight politicians as passionate about equality for LGBT people than me!